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Trade License and trade types

Updated: Mar 12

The simples and fastest way to start conducting business in the Czech Republic is through a Trade License. A person with a Trade License carries out the business under his own name and is fully liable for the business activities, even with his private property.

Business Trades

To get a Trade License, we must fulfil all the general requirements, collect necessary documents, and apply at the Trade license authority. For further information on how to get a trade license, please, refer to out post here. One of the first steps of obtaining a Trade License is determining relevant trades we wish to operate in. The trade types are distinguished into several groups:

Unqualified Trades - no specific qualification is required, only general requirements need to be met (minimum age of 18 years, legal capacity, clear criminal record).

Craftsmanship Trades – apart from general requirements, it is necessary to train or otherwise defined education in a certain field or six years of practice in the given professions (such as carpentry, blacksmithing, lock smithery, masonry, plumbing, cosmetic services, etc.).

Regulated (Professional) Trades - besides the necessary qualifications, there are extra requirements based on various laws and regulations (these trades include e.g. Accounting, installation, repair and inspection of selected electrical equipment, manufacture of chemical products, optician, massage services, psychological counselling, etc.).

Concessions - they are subject to various requirements based on applicable regulations and laws (including qualifying ones) for individual trades, and a special confirmation is needed from a state administration body (e.g. the Czech National Bank). In case of a positive application, the applicant will also receive a so-called concession note in addition to the trade license. The licensed trades include e.g. manufacture, repair, sale and lending of weapons, provision of telecommunication services, taxi services, etc.

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