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Corona calls for restrictions

The government announced on Thursday a series of tougher precautions against the spread of infection with a new type of corona virus. Collective actions and events with the participation of over 30 people are prohibited. The government has also restricted restaurants and other services such as gyms and wellness.

1. A ban of events over 30 people

All public and private events involving more than 30 people are forbidden from 6 PM on Friday. The measure concerns cultural, sporting or religious events and exhibitions. The prohibition does not apply to political meetings, public authorities or courts and funerals.

2. Prohibition of foreigners entering the Czech Republic from high-risk


Foreigners from high-risk countries - China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Great Britain, Belgium and Austria - must not enter the Czech Republic. It does not concern people with permanent residence in the

Czech Republic or people with temporary stay over 90 days, they can return back. The government also stopped issuing visas and residence permits.

3. Prohibition of Czech citizens travelling to high-risk areas

Citizens of the Czech Republic are not allowed to travel to high-risk countries. The exception applies to supply drivers, members of the integrated rescue System and people working in Germany or Austria.

4. Prohibition of cross-border transport

From Friday midnight, the Government has banned all carriers of international cross-border passenger services to provide passengers travelling across the Czech Republic with vehicles with a capacity of more than 9 persons.

5. Restrictions on restaurant opening hours

Opening hours of restaurants are limited from Friday 20 o'clock. They shall not be open from eight in the evening until six in the morning. From 6 am on Friday morning, the activities of catering establishments located in shopping centers with a sales area of more than 5 000 square meters are also restricted.

6. Gyms and wellness

Some services such as sports (not outdoor sports), gyms, wellness services, swimming pools, solariums must be closed to the public from Friday 6 am.

7. Border checks

From Friday midnight, there will be border checks at the border with Germany and Austria. Crossing the border will only be possible at 11 designated points.

Germany open crossings:

Strážný, Pomezí nad Ohří, Rozvadov, Folmava, Železná Ruda, Krásný Les, Hora Sv. Šebestiána.

Austria open crossings:

Dolní Dvořiště, České Velenice, Hatě and Mikulov.

Further crossings are intended for persons demonstrably crossing internal borders on a regular basis, in particular cross-border workers from 5:00 to 23:00. It will not be possible for foreigners to enter the Czech Republic from these countries, as they are among the high-risk areas. However, the full closureof borders is not yet in plan. The army will also be called to help the police.

8. Postponement of tax return and loan re-payments

The tax return obligation for sole proprietor "fyzická osoba" will be postponed by three months without having to prove the reasons related to corona virus. The new date is July 1, instead of the original end of March. The Ministry of Finance justified this by trying to prevent an increased concentration of people in offices and post offices.

Banks will provide citizens and small businesses affected by corona virus with a three-month deferral of loan repayments.

9. Closed schools, including elementary art schools ZUŠ

Tuesday's government decision on compulsory closure of all primary and secondary schools continues. Higher education (universities) also had to interrupt full-time education. A new ban also applies to elementary art schools. Teaching online is the only option for students and teachers. Usually tasks are sent via e-mail or other platforms.

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