Maternity benefits for the self-employed in the Czech Republic

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Maternity leave – “mateřská dovolená” or officially knowns as “peněžitá pomoc v mateřství”, is financial support replacing the salary/income in case of self-employed persons. This benefit last for 28 weeks (37 weeks for twins and more) and must be taken before the child reaches the age of 1.

The basic prerequisite for the entitlement to maternity benefit for a parent is sickness insurance contribution - “nemocenské pojištění”, which basically means monthly payments of sickness insurance advance and the participation in sickness insurance cannot be considered retroactively to the child birth. Sickness insurance is obligatory for employed persons, and voluntary for the self-employed, however, for a self-employed mother to be entitled for the maternity leave, the insurance must be paid.

The insurance must be paid for the minimum of 270 days in the last two years prior to the birth, out of which 180 days must be within the previous year.

If the conditions are fulfilled maternity benefit is applicable at earliest eight weeks before and at latest 6 weeks prior to the expected birth date.

The request for maternity leave support is submitted by the mother, however after the child reaches 7 weeks of age, the father can take over, provided that the meets the same requirements with the sickness insurance.

Maternity leave amounts to 70% of average gross salary during the preceding calendar year; for the self-employed the amount is based on monthly sickness insurance contributions.

Temporary sickness incapacity benefit

In case the self-employed person does not fulfil all the conditions for maternity benefit entitlement, yet the person participates in sickness insurance, the mother is entitled for “temporary sickness incapacity benefit in connection with childbirth”. This temporary “sickness benefit” is granted upon the decision of the doctor examining the mother and lasts from 6 week prior to the child birth to 6 weeks after the delivery. Further sickness benefits can be requested due to different reasons from childbirth.

To be entitled for his benefit, the self-employed person must take part in voluntary sickness for at least the three months immediately preceding the temporary incapacity. Moreover, unlike the employees, a self-employed person is not granted any support for the first 14 days of the incapacity.

Receiving or not receiving the maternity leave, does not disqualifies a parent for claiming other child related state social support. A self-employed person is not obliged to insurance advances during the entitlement for maternity leave benefits or “temporary sickness incapacity benefit”.

Voluntary sickness insurance for the self-employed

The voluntary sickness insurance for self-employed persons amounts to 2.3 % of the income assessment base. The minimum monthly advances in 2019 is CZK 138. The maximum basis of assessment cannot be higher than the monthly average estimated assessment base stated in the last Income statement. For this purpose, the income statement cannot be older than 3 years.

The sickness insurance advance is payable from the 1st to the 20th day of the calendar month following the calendar month for which the premium is payable, i.e. the premium for January 2019 is payable from 1 to 20 February 2019. The sickness insurance expires on the first day after the deadline. Afterwards the self-employed must re-register again


General questions -,

Information for self-employed persons about Czech Social Security

Information on sickness insurance benefits at 840 406 040.

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