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Declaring the true owners of companies

Updated: Mar 12

Attention!!! Law 304/2013 SB. Owners of S.R.O Companies, please, PAY ATTENTION!!!!

According to the new EU regulations, since 1.1.2018 s.r.o companies, and other corporate forms (a.s), must declare who is the true owner and who hold the decision power within the company.

Why do we have to declare?

Under new EU regulations, companies are to declare the identity of every shareholder and the percentage of their shares, so the government would know exactly who has the decisive power within a company. These regulations are supposed to limit and prevent money laundering or financial support for terrorist groups. Declared information remains private and will be used only by state agencies such as police, custom office, or the tax office.

When is the deadline?

The deadline for declaration is 31.12.2018 with only administration fee charged. After the deadline you would have to pay additional fees 1000 CZK.

Who can help you to report to the court? Your accountants, tax consultants and lawyers are best suited to assist you in the declaration.

Please, ask your consultant for further information, there is still some time till the deadline. We at INNOFIN s.r.o are ready to consult and assist you through this issue and many more.

The link bellow will redirect you to the declaration form: https://issm.justice.cz/podani-navrhu/formular

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