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5 financial aids for OSVČ during the corona crisis:

1) Ošetřovné All OSVČ staying home with their children younger than 13 years due to the closing of schools are eligible for 424,- CZK per day.

2) No health and social insurance for 6 months All OSVČ do not have to pay advance payment for both health and social insurance starting from March 2020 till August 2020. In your final year end Přehled for health and social insurance you can deduct 14 112 CZK on health insurance (6 x monthly minimum health insurance payment) and 15 264 CZK on social insurance (6 x monthly minimum social insurance payment).

3) Bank loan without interest The govern through the ČMRZB bank will release 5 billion CZK in a form of bank loan without interest. The details will be announced later on.

4) Financial help of 15 000 CZK per month The Ministry of Finance plans to support all OSVČ that had to close their businesses with the financial help of 15 000 CZK per month. This amount has not been confirmed yet and will be discussed later on.

5) Kurzabeit All OSVČ that have full-time employees and are impacted by the corona crisis will receive financial help from the government ranging from 50% to 80% of the total salary paid to the employees starting from March 2020.

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